Beginning with us is easy

If you have already met with your Sales Consultant and accepted our offer and rates, then please follow these simple steps….

1. Confirm your acceptance of our rates.
Sign and date page 3 the rate quotation that you received and fax it back to us at : 310-725-2877.

2. Insured or Not Insured?
Let us know whether you wish to insure your all of your orders, or if you want us to insure them. Fax us your decision.

Note : Frequently, our rate quotations include insurance. We need, however, written instructions to insure your shipments or not to insure them.

Download the insurance confirmation form here.

3. Tell us which orders you want us to transport.
Fax or email the Purchase Orders that you want us to pick-up and deliver. We will begin to track them once we receive the Purchase Orders and will confirm to you via email, fax or telephone- as you prefer. Please send them to the attention of the CAM Department.

4. Instruct your vendors to permit us to pick-up your orders.
Download our Routing Order form. Sign it and fax or email it back to us. We send these instructions to your vendors long before the order is ready to ship. Without it, they will not confirm to us ready dates nor shipping information.

5. Read our Terms and Conditions of Service.
Download a copy of our company’s Terms and Conditions of Service here. Please keep a copy of it in your AIT binder.

6. Send us the U.S. customs power-of-attorney form.
Download a copy of the U.S. customs power-of-attorney form. This form permits us to submit, on your behalf, the documents to U.S. customs that are necessary to clear and deliver your orders. Please choose the form that correctly matches your company’s legal structure, fill it out, sign and date it, and fax it to us.

I am an individual importing some goods- no company name applies.
I am an individual doing business under a company name.
My company is a corporation ( Inc., Corp., or LLC)
My company is a partnership

Important : After you fax it, make a copy for your files and mail the copy that shows the original signature in ink to us. See the mailing address on the form.

7. Apply for Credit
Download a copy of our Credit Application form if you would like to pay after delivery of your orders. Until your credit application is approved, normally within 4 business days, we must receive payment upon completion of our service. Download a copy of our Credit application here.

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