Our FedEx® Services

We have saved our customers thousands of dollars with this service. They save money by using FedEx®  at times and by avoiding FedEx® at other times.

No more paying FedEx +$1,000.00 for a shipment because your vendor didn’t choose the best shipping method.

You can rely on us for help with your small, sample shipments as well as your large ones. The most important step is to fax to us your purchase orders for us to track.

We examine your order and tell you to ship it via FedEx® if you can save money.

We guide you through the process to help ensure that..

  1. You save money : 20% discount off FedEx®  regular rates
  2. Your shipment is insured
  3. You know when your supplier ships your order.
  4. Your order will not be delayed in US customs due to insufficient or incorrect import documents.
  5. FedEx applies the correct import customs duty- no overcharges.

To begin to use this service, your company must already have credit established with us. If your company does needs to apply for credit, you can download a credit application here.

For established customers, we will send you a special Routing Order. Complete the form, then fax a copy to us, as well as to each vendor.

To learn how to use our FedEx® Service for Import shipments, click here.

To learn how to use our FedEx® Service for Export shipments, click here.

To learn about FedEx® International Priority service click here

To learn about FedEx® International Economy service click here

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