Below is the Customer Center for the sample account : The American Importer, Inc.

The 2 Sections of links that are most helpful are described below :

Orders and Billing

Notes: Some of the functions may not be accessible using this sample logon account. To print reports using your own date ranges, input dates in this format : 01-Jan-2005.


  1. Enter an Order : Click here to send us instructions about a new order that you have placed and want us to begin to track online.
  2. See Orders : All of the Orders that we are tracking for your are here- the CURRENT ones, those that have been picked-up and are in-transit, and also the FUTURE ones: those that we will pick-up. Notice the details for each order, and click on the links to the left to print, email or fax these records.
  3. Re-Order Items : This link is currently inactivated.


  1. Print a Statement : This screen shows the current total your company owes. You can Print, email or fax a Statement of Account, using any beginning and ending date parameters you wish.
  2. See A/R Register : Here, you can see all of the payments our company has received from you, and the invoices against which we applied those payments. You can print, email or download this data to Excel. You can even re-print our invoices.
  3. See All Transactions : See a list of all transactions : Pending Orders, invoices we sent to you, and payments we received.

The QuickSearch Box

The purpose of this box is to take you directly to the information you need to see when you have only one reference number, such as…

  1. You need to see how many shipments we delivered so far on your P.O. number.
  2. There are 14 Pending Orders from your best Vendor, but you need to know immediately about the shipment containing Item No. 6290 : shipped by air or by ocean ? How many units will arrive ?
  3. Did the vendor ship Item No. 2544NT today as promised, or is there another delay ?

The other links are used for personalization of the Customer Center, and also to show additional information about our company.

Click here to logon now.

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