Advantage No. 4

Making sure you don’t miss Cancel Dates.

Most freight forwarders track your order when it is ready to ship :

They have no idea which orders are urgent to you, so they ship it as normal.

CANCEL DATE : 06-March.                             Air Transport

Order Pick-Up:    Order Delivered:
02-March                09-March

Our philosophy is different.

We don’t just move freight, we help you stay on schedule.

  1. You fax us your purchase order(s).
  2. Our database tracks the ready date & your cancel date. We send you regular updates of its progress- any irregularities or delays
  3. The vendor is late (again), so we send the order via Express-Guaranteed Service; coordinate the pre-clearance at customs & the express delivery to you.
  4. You get the order before the cancel date and keep your customers happy.


                Order sent    Order faxed   Update                     Update              Order ready:      Order Delivered:
                 to Vendor      to us              from us                    from us
                   02-Jan         04-Jan          10-Jan                 23-Feb                02-March            05-March


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