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A typical rate quotation for an import order will look like this : click here.

Below is an example of our rate quotation for a customer who imports via air service from Hong Kong to Hayward, California. Please notice that…

1. Our rates are for Ex-Works orders as well as FOB Airport orders. To learn more about the Incoterms “Ex-Works” and “FOB”, click here and return later.

2. Pages 1 and 2 are rates. Page 3 shows Important Details and confirms all the services included in our rate.

3. The rates are for Standard Door-to-Door service. We’ll add no extra charges.

4. Often, customers need special services, such as delivery with a liftgate truck, or delivery between 10:00 to 11:00 AM. We normally include into our Door-to-Door rates any special service you need.

5. Our quotations include Door-to-Door insurance for your goods. Why? Because you shouldn’t need to worry about losses due to damage, unless you want to.

6. We offer a DISCOUNT for any additional volume. Not even FedEx® and UPS® offer that !!

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