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1. Air Services

FedEx ® Service
This service is the least expensive for nearly all shipments less than 50 kilos. It is the best choice for most of your small/ sample shipments. Choose between FedEx ® International Priority ( 2-3 days) or FedEx ® International Economy ( 4-5 days) services. You enjoy a 20% discount off the FedEx ® regular tariff rates. It is the responsibility of the supplier/ shipper to send with the goods all the documents necessary for US customs clearance.

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Door-to-Door Guaranteed Service
This service is guaranteed to be delivered to your address within 3 business days of pick-up, or you will receive a 60% discount on the transport charge.

Door-to-Door Standard Air Service
Your shipments are delivered approximately 6-7 days after pick-up at the origin. In the case where your supplier delivers the order to the port/ airport, the transit time will be approx. 5-6 days. The transit time is normally faster for orders picked up on Thursdays and Fridays.

2. Ocean Services

Door-to-Door Expedited Ocean Service
This service allows you to avoid the high costs of air freight. The delivery is approximately 10 days earlier than Standard Ocean Service.

Door-to-Door Standard Ocean Service
This service is the least expensive for shipments from Asia and Europe that are greater than 2 cubic meters. The delivery time depends upon the origin and destination addresses.

CIF Orders Service
This service includes all customs clearance, customs bond, handling, documentation and delivery costs for your orders that arrive prepaid to the Port/ Airport via a different transport service.

3. USA Transport Services

This service is for ground transport and includes all costs from any address to any destination.

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