Additional Services

Our “Standard” services include regularly scheduled pick-up from your vendor and regular delivery to your business from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For most of our customers, this service is sufficient. But, your business may need additional services.

Your Sales Consultant has probably included in your D2D rate quotation/s the additional services you need. Please read carefully the “Important Details” section (page 3) of each of our rate quotation/s.

Services at Origin

  1. Special Pick-up/ Dedicated Truck Service
  2. Express Export Customs operations.
  3. Collection of orders from several vendors for later shipment together

Services at Destination

  1. Express U.S. Customs Clearance at the airport
  2. Special Delivery/ Dedicated Truck Service at a specific time
  3. Delivery to a Hotel, a Residence , a Convention, a Construction site
  4. Delivery at ground-level with a lift-gate truck
  5. Delivery with instructions to collect a check for your vendor
  6. Delivery inside your shop, store or home.
  7. Storage for delivery at a later date
  8. Distribution : shipping your order from our warehouse to several of your customers
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