Our Philosophy is Different

Most transport companies will pick-up “the boxes” from your vendor after the vendor calls, and ship them to you. They deliver your goods according to their own schedule. They’ll will let you know about the progress only when you call them.

Afterward, they bill you a long list of costs, fees and charges that are nearly impossible to understand and easy to manipulate. If unexpected costs arise, they just pass them on to you.

We’ve pledged to our customers two things

  1. To keep you well-informed about the progress of your orders
  2. To offer you straight-forward, honest, Door-to-Door rates with no “surprise” charges. (And, yes, the rates are competitive.)




1. We track your pending purchase orders’ progress from start to delivery, sometimes for months, not just  a few days of shipping details. Learn more here

2. You’ll have honest rates that are easy to understand.

If you can’t audit a freight bill in less than 60 seconds, we’re wasting your time. Our rates are clear and easy to understand.

Our rates are honest : No more deceptions of a “low” airfreight or ocean freight quotation, only to be gouged by additional handling charges, fees, surcharges and unexpected costs. Learn more here

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