You can call us whenever you like, but you don’t need to.

All the information you need regarding your Pending Orders is available online.

We track all of your orders from the day you send them to us until the day of delivery.

  • Your Purchase Order Number/s
  • Your vendors names
  • Estimated date of Pick-Up
  • Estimated date of  Delivery to you
  • No. of Units and description of the goods ordered.
  • The No. of Cartons and the Gross Weight
  • Confirmation of the transport service : Ocean, Air, USA Ground, etc.; Import or Export.

    We can also include online information specific to your business :

    1. Your internal Product Codes
    2. No. of units shipped of each Product Code
    3. Confirmation of your preferred delivery location for each order.
    4. Other customized information that you choose.

    To see instructions about how to logon and view our online Order-Tracking system, click here.

    To see the information we provide our customers online,
    Click here to logon as a customer.

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